Our Team

Team Autocycle is a research group from the University of Maryland's Gemstone Research Honors Program consisting of 11 undergraduate students working on developing an autonomous electric bicycle to improve bikeshare systems. Our chosen majors span the gamut from Aerospace Engineering to Mathematics, and we are dedicated to using our research to Do Good in the world around us.

Team Autocycle
Team Autocycle. From left to right: Isaac Rose, Jeremy Carter, John Mirenzi, Joseph O'Leary, Cooper Grill, Evan Ruderman, Michael Allen, Jacob Bartolomei, Mikhail Khrenov, Logan Swaisgood, Andoni Sanguesa.

Our Mission

Bikeshare schemes currently have one glaring problem: getting to the bike. Whether at one of several hubs, or lying on a street corner, the fact that any user has to go to the transportation method negates many of its advantages, especially in rarely traversed and underserved areas. We have a solution: have the bike come to you!

Research Questions

In order to accomplish this goal we will be working to expand upon existing research in bicycle actuation, stability, autonomy, and navigation to create a complete, functional system. In doing so we seek to answer the following questions:


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If you would like to talk to us, feel free to reach out to the following people depending on your question: